What The Major Console Manufacturers Need to Do at E3

E3 is finally upon us. It’s finally Christmas, and we wake to all the presents under the tree. Now, most games media focus on who will “Win” E3. The new outlets award an arbitrary trophy to a company for what they show. But at The Video Game Accountant, I’m more interested in who has the best business prospects. Since the goal of E3 is to showcase your products, here is what I think the console manufacturers need to do to profit.


Microsoft’s focus this E3 is Project Scorpio, an upgraded version of the Xbox One. Now, I expect Microsoft will bow out of the console market; regardless, Microsoft’s path to success would be the same. Microsoft needs to show us games that will make us want to invest in their platform. The hardware and its features are important. Nevertheless, Microsoft should focus on the games they are going to be offering these services. No matter how many bells and whistles Xbox or Windows has, it’s pointless without games.


Sony has the hardest time going into E3. Sony is stuck between the PC and the Nintendo Switch. Long term, Sony can’t survive just making dedicated home consoles due to the new generation watching less TV. Historically, Sony loads up their system with a multitude of multimedia features, but this strategy won’t work anymore. Sony needs to unveil hardware they will help them break out of TV much like Nintendo did with the Switch.

Now, rumors are floating around that Sony may make another handheld. On the surface, this move appears to help Sony fend off the Nintendo Switch. However, Sony would need software for both the PS4 and a new handheld. Essentially, Sony would have the same problem Nintendo had last generation trying to support two separate systems. In the end, one system suffers. Moreover, with the Nintendo Switch selling so well in Japan, it will be harder to attract Japanese developers the system would desperately need. So Sony will need something more drastic. That said, I don’t expect it to happen this E3.


Nintendo has the easiest time this E3. Retailers can’t keep enough stock to satisfy demand. Nintendo can ride the high of their most recent success. All the company needs to do is show us enough games  to keep us interested for the next 6-12 months. Right now, Nintendo needs to keep pumping out hits to keep the momentum up.


That said, there are concerns of the length of Nintendo’s presentation. It’s speculated to be only 25 minutes long, making far shorter than Sony’s and Microsoft’s press conferences. This could be a PR issue is the presentation doesn’t go off without a hitch. Its not a major crisis, but its another example of Nintendo’s greatest weakness: marketing.


There isn’t much else to say beyond this. I’ll try and get some more articles out about E3 and give you my thoughts on the games shown. Please let me know what you think in the comments and enjoy E3!!

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