Who Won E3 2017?

E3 is over. The hangover infused weekend draws to a close, and we return to our daily grind. Before E3 started, I wrote what each company needs to do for E3. With the show over, let’s delve in and see if the companies met these expectations. (I’ll be doing this in reverse order)


This year, Nintendo just needed to give titles for this holiday season and show some titles for 2018? Did they do this?

Not really. First, Nintendo did not have any new titles for this year outside what was shown back in January. Moreover, there weren’t that many games slated for 2018: only Yoshi and Kirby. That said, Nintendo did give some titles that were in development including Metroid Prime 4 and a new mainline Pokemon game (which we knew was going to happen anyway). Metroid Prime by itself seems enough for fanboys to proclaim that Nintendo won E3, so perhaps Nintendo was able to accomplish its mission.

Did they succeed? Kind of


This year, Sony needed to show how they were going to escape the TV box. What was Sony going to do to ensure the longevity of their gaming divisions?

Absolutely nothing. Sony’s press conference was a trash fire when you consider the turmoils ahead. Sony announced a lot of games, but they were all slow, behind the camera, story driven games. You had a slow zombie game (and why we need another after the Last of Us is beyond me). You had a slow God of War game. You had a slow Watch Dogs rip off. Even Spiderman at the end started off slow. The problem with these games only appealing to people who already own the system.

In fairness to Sony, Nintendo only just announced the system; however, the market trends have existed for quite some time. Sony isn’t even addressing that. This company looks like it’s in survival mode.

Did they succeed? No


Last is Microsoft. They just needed to get us to invest into whatever they were pushing (be it XBox One X or Windows).

I think they actually succeeded in this regard. The marketing talk and “OMG look at this car” aside, Microsoft show off a lot of games with a far better array of games than Sony did. Heck, they even had a platformer with a cute mascot. Now XBone One X’s issue is that because XBox One didn’t sell well, consumers may be wary investing in a better version of that. Nevertheless, Microsoft doesn’t necessarily need to have as strong of a line of as Sony and Nintendo (who are relying entirely on their systems) as Microsoft is pushing gaming on Windows 10 as well. Microsoft benefits if they can sell you an XBox One X or get you to game on Windows. In this regard, Microsoft only needed was to show a wide variety of content, and they succeeded.

Did they succeed? Yes

What Did Fans Think of E3?

To close, I want to look at what the gaming community thought of E3. I can ramble all day, but it’s the consumer’s opinion that matters. Destructoid ran a poll asking readers what they thought of the press conferences. Here are the results (thanks to Z-Ninja on Reddit for compiling the data in an easier to read format).

Interesting, readers liked Nintendo’s conference the best. Now, this may be due to the fact Nintendo fans are very enthusiastic, especially with Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Prime 4. Nevertheless, they enjoyed what they saw. Second was Microsoft and third was Sony. Reader’s reactions line up with what I said about Sony’s conference is weak. It appears that these games didn’t resonate with readers.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the conferences. Please let me know what you thought of E3 in the comments below. You can also follow me on Twitter at @Spoogymonkey

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